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Well Drilling Engineering Programme

English name: Well Drilling Engineering

Course number: 040135

Applicable specialties: Petroleum Engineering

Period:54              Credit: 3

Course category: Basic courses in subject

Course Type: major course

1、Course Property and Objective

Drilling engineering is one of the three major courses in PE, which is the Petroleum Engineering requirement course. The purpose is let student know oil-gas well drilling's essential technology , equipment, downhole tools, mastering drilling engineering's essential fundamental, theory and technology, understanding well drilling development trend, new technology and frontier, preliminarily possessed scientific research ability in drilling engineering, and the ability of oil-field work.


Chapter 1 Drilling engineering and geologic conditions

Section 1 Underground pressure feature

(1) Different underground pressure

(2) Underground pressure evaluation

(3) Formation fracture pressure

Section emphases: reservoir pressure、formation fracture pressure、formation stress、prediction principle、test procedure

Section difficulty: Abnormal formation pressure and evaluation

Section 2:engineering mechanics natrue of rock

(1) mechanical characteristic of rock

(2) mechanical characteristic rock and the affecting factor in bottomhole condition

(3) abrasiveness of rock

(4) drillability of rock

(5) hardness and plasticity factor test (experiment)

Section emphases:mechanics nature of rock and the affecting factor, hardness and plasticity evaluation and its application.