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Chapter 2 Drilling tools

Section 1 drill bit

(1) construction and work principal of blade bit

(2) construction and work principal of cone bit

(3) construction and work principal of diamond bit, PDC bit

(4) bit type and classification

Section emphases:cone bit ¡¢PDC bit's construction and drilling principal

Section difficulty: mechanism of cone bit sliping and its application

Section 2: drill String

(1) function and composition of drill string

(2) mode of operation and force analysis of drill string

Section emphases:The classification and construction of drill string, design basis of drii string, reason of drill string failure and its prevention.

Section difficulty:Mechanism analysis of column out of work.

Chapter 3 Drilling fluids

Section 1 Definition and Function of Drilling fluids

(1) Definition of Drilling fluids

(2) Function of Drilling fluids

Section 2 Composition and Classification of Drilling fluids

(1) Composition of Drilling fluids

(2) Classification of Drilling fluids

Section 3 Property Drilling fluids

(1) Density of Drilling fluid

(2) Rheology and its property Adjustment of Drilling fluids

(3) Mud cake property and Fluid loss additive in Drilling fluid

Section 4 Solids control of Drilling fluids

(1) The influence of solid phase to ROP

(2) Method of Solids control

(3) The Solids control appliance of Drilling fluid

(4) Polymeric Flocculant

Section 5 Sloughing and caving Prevention measure

(1) Indication and harm of Sloughing

(2) Caving prevention measure