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Drilling Engineering Theory and Technology
Chapter 1 geological conditions of Drilling Engineering

characteristics of underground pressure

The mechanical properties of rock
Chapter 2 Drilling tools


Drilling string
Chapter 3 drilling fluid

The definition and function of drilling fluid

The composition and classification of drilling fluid

The performance of drilling fluid

The solid-phase control of drilling fluid

Well-collapse and preventive measures

Oil and gas layer protection and completion fluid
Chapter 4 Drilling parameter optimization

Basic relationship of the drilling parameters

Rock drilling machine broke parameter optimization

Optimal design parameters of the hydraulic
Chapter 5 Well trajectory design and trajectory control

Basic concepts of the Well trajectory

Track measurements and calculations

Straight well ramp technology

Directional Well trajectory design

Directional Well-made tools and inclined orbit control

Horizontal drilling technology Introduction
Chapter 6 Oil and gas wells pressure control

Hole and the formation pressure system

Formation fluid intrusion and detection

Formation fluid invasive control
Chapter 7 Cementing and Completion

Well Design

The design of casing string

cementing technology

Completion Technology
Chapter 8 Other drilling technology and operations

Underground complex situation and deal with accidents

Coring Technology

casing window Technology