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The category location of Xi'an Shiyou University:teaching university;hierarchy location of running the school:give priority to undergraduate course, positively develop postgraduate course;special subject location:focus on project, take petroleum and petrify as characteristic, theory、project、economy、manage、literature、law、education more subjects develop harmonizly;cultivate talent location:culture strong basic、take delight in dedicatory appliance advanced special man that petroleum interest and area economy society need;service location:depend on petroleum,base on shan xi, facing to the western, serve nationwide.

From those locations, Petroleum Engineering is analogied as feature subject and faucet subject, has an important position in planning of culture talent. In the past few year, petroleum buness 's requirement for oil trunk subjects such as Petroleum Engineering、Oil-gas Storage & Transport Engineering 、geophysical exploration rapidly increaseoil trunk subjects graduate supply falls short of demand, provided a good opportunity for Petroleum Engineering education development. The student source in school, other subjects fraction are under ordinary university, Petroleum Engineering is the only two subjects up to ordinary university. School take in five Petroleum Engineering freshman classes every year, during great two, change subject into Petroleum Engineering have five more classes, so about ten classes graduates, their take up an occupation rate is 100%.

Drilling Engineering is one of the three oil trunk subjects, which is Petroleum Engineering required course. The purpose is let student know oil-gas well drilling's essentially technology flow 、used equipment 、tools ; know new technology 、new technique and science about drilling; master Drilling engineering's essentially fundamental、theory and technology; preliminary possessed scienfic research ability about Drilling engineering, and construct orgnize manage、technology manage and definite project decision ability.