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Teaching and research section about oil-gas well in School of Petroleum Engineering has been charged with teaching for Drilling Engineering as undergraduate course of Petroleum Engineering, the course was established as one-class in 1995, and was found as quality goods course by school in 2007,had a good condition of teaching:

For the teachers, a teacher troop whose were competent for teaching the course was formed, combined with old(1)、middle age(6) and young people(3), and the main is middle age and young teachers. reasonably arranged teachers, stimulated initiative of middle age and young teachers, focused on culture of young teachers, done well in helping, ensured steady、high-quality and continued development of the teachers.

For management of teaching, reinforced the planning of courses and reformation of teaching, recensioned the outline of teaching、the outline of experiment、the program of teaching and so on, reinforced the management of teaching, perfect kinds of systems, layouted various works.

For the teaching material, chosen the course teaching material facing 21 century, and for the teaching request of Petroleum Engineering international cooperate class, equipped with teaching material of foreign language(Applied Drilling EngineeringThe Rotary Rig and Its ComponentsA Primer of Oil Well Drilling) and reference book; according to the actual demand of drilling engineering, neaten kinds of handbooks and calculate formulas used to drilling in system, compilation an electron book Drilling Engineering Enchiridion with independence lore copyright ,simultaneously exploitature independently a suit of electron book Drilling Dictionary that can be mutual translated by six kinds of languages as assistant tool of course teaching.

For the manner of teaching, according to the request of newly outline and content of teaching, compiled multimedia courseware, in the coursewares, adhibited lots of pictures and cartoons, stand out the characteristic of multimedia teaching; at the same time, collected and exploitured some CAI courseware . For some involved content of stress course, CAI can make the content intuition、comprehensible,improve the teach effection; use multimedia classroom for teaching, popularization the multimedia teaching.

For bilingualism teaching, cultivated teacher in plan(3people take part in go abroad cultivate), based on perfect bilingualism teaching system, launched the research of the method about the teaching of drilling engineering, criterioned segment of teaching(english blackboard writing、explain of english speciality term), intensified the effect of schoolroom teaching.

For experiment teaching, recensioned the outline of experiment course, redaction instructor of experiment course, renewal experiment equipments, increase the number of experimental table; enhance construction of practise experiment course. At present, based on ome out rate of experiment was 100%, increase free experiment or elective experiment, enrich teaching content; do well in maintenance of equipment、maintain,ensure the quality of experiment.

For practise teaching, come to an agreement with changqing oil field, set up a steady production practice base in changqing oil field, contemporary , set up production practice points in zhongyuan oil field and daqing oil field.

For the construction of test questions base, according to the division chapter of teaching material(8chapters)、classify(explain of term、multiplechoice test、judgement test、easy answer test、calculate test) ,set up test question base, provide standardized answer; preliminary leadoff the exploiture of drilling engineering test question base and software that automatism make test paper.

For the condition that teaching on the network, set up web site about quality goods course of drilling engineering, which inclued five classes(describe of course、the teachers、multimedia teaching、experiment teaching、resources of teaching)、17 subclasses; sufficiently use the network teaching resources of school, loading information about teachers and teaching to the teaching net, to meet the needs that students want to download the resources through the net or learn by oneself through the net.

As a main part of teaching, succeed carried through two fall due teaching of Petroleum Engineering international cooperation class.

Improve and perfect segments of the teaching content, when constructing the drilling engineering quality goods course, improve and perfect the teaching content and manner of New Technique Of DrillingCourse Design Of Drilling Engineering, increase elective course correlate special (rock mechanic of drilling、pipe string mechanic of drilling、well completion engineering、technology theory of drilling fluid), enhance drilling practise segment in production practise, to confirm and improve the knowledge about drilling engineering.

Persist in reformation of teaching and manner, successively undertook and completed the reformation of teaching of country and oil main office, in it facing to 21 century reformation and construction of Petroleum Engineering won CNPC excellent teaching second prize; the way and experience that ordinary university construct ministry-class stress course won shan xi province excellent teaching second prize; the construction of one-class course Technology Theory Of Drilling won Xi'an Shiyou University excellent teaching second prize; cementing technology teaching system assisted by computer won xi'an excellent audio-visual education second prize; directional well drilling CAI won university excellent audio-visual education third prize. In the near future, took part in and accomplished ministry of education reformation item develop strategy and criteria study of Petroleum Engineering presided by china petroleum unniversity, presided and completed shanxi high education reformation item the study of Petroleum Engineering international cooperate versatile talent culture pattern 、the construction item of xi'an shiyou university Drilling Engineering quality goods course.