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Drilling manual

Drilling Engineering Technical Manual,is essential tool for Drilling engineering and technical personnel£¬there is a significant guiding to drilling technology .These years£¬The main technical manual China's oil drilling industry use are Drilling Manual (the first party)£¬ published from Oil Industry Press in 1990;Drilling toolkit £¬published from Oil Industry Press in 1999;petroleum drilling and production tools manual£¬published from Science and Technology Publishing House in 2000;Drilling Engineering Technical Manual£¬published from China Petrochemical Press in 2005.In addition, the International Association of Drilling Contractors constantly re-print the Drilling Manual and published by the American Petroleum Institute API standards. However, due to drilling engineering field operations are unique, portable manual, the use of extremely inconvenient.

On the basis in the aggregate and reference manuals, we prepared the electronic version of the drilling engineering and technical manuals. The manual is divided into six parts£ºdrilling equipment and tools Manual, Drilling common data manual, commonly used drilling materials manual, Drilling common calculation manual, drilling common geological manual, drilling fluid manual, to strive to provide accurate and reliable standard reference for drilling engineer and technical personnel. Manual involved in the API standards, IADC standards, national standards and industry-standard content, as far as possible to move closer to the standards and be marked.

With the new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new tools emerging, the contents of the manual will also be added at any time and updated continuously to provide the new version.

software size£º73.7MB

download:     Drilling handbook