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For the manner of teaching: wellchosen teaching content, classfied knowledge points,stand out the emphases, use elicitation teaching, enforce intercommunion in classroom,mostly give students some questions about drilling,to let them thinking;

For the teaching material: chosen the course teaching material facing 21 century, and for the teaching request of Petroleum Engineering international cooperate class, equipped with teaching material of foreign language(Applied Drilling EngineeringThe Rotary Rig and Its ComponentsA Primer of Oil Well Drilling);

For the teaching content: not limitated by teaching material, supplement special front technique and study content, such as horizontal well drilling、extended reach drilling、multidrop drilling and so on;

For the teaching manner: except using multimedia, supplement with recording、cartoon、CAI and so on assistant teaching tools, has write by self cementing CAI、direction well CAI and so on;

For the teaching pattern: take international cooperate class as precursor, launch Bilingualism teaching;

For the condition of teaching: through electronic lesson plan、 electronic test question base、 electronic handbook、 electronic dictionary make up teaching resource;

For the teaching practice: through some segment such as experiment and course design, enforce students' perception, improve working ability and apply knowledge ability, stimulate learning initiative, confirm rudimentary special knowledge;

For the manner of task、examination: according to the division chapter of teaching material(8chapter)、classify(explain of term、multiplechoice test、judgement test、easy answer test、calculate test) ,set up test question base, provide standardized answer; the content of test question base can be thought as task, and as basic of choicing questions when examination; test questions is divided into A and B, preliminary leadoff the exploiture of drilling engineering test question base and software that automatism make test paper;

For improve of teachers: combined with scientific research、joining in discussing scholarship 、guiding produce practice、study of teaching manner and so on, continuously enrich oneself, update knowledge, improve teaching level;

For the apply of information technique: multimedia teaching、CAI、electronic lesson plan、electronic handbook、electronic dictionary、course web site can be said as he apply of information technique,through those method, make teaching multitudinousness, amount of information greatly improve.

Petroleum Engineering graduate 8゛10 classes every year in average, for the above teaching manner and method, expect international cooperate class have higher request, apply for any classes, and the effect is well.