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    Li Qi£¬was born in December in 1963£¬professor£¬doctoral tutor. He got his master¡¯s degree on Petroleum Engineering in Southwest Petroleum College in July in1986,got doctor¡¯s degree on Petroleum Engineering in July 2002,and finished his post doctor degree on computer science in Northwest Polytechnical University in July 2006, He works as a director in Petroleum Engineering department in Xi¡¯an Shiyou University now.As a senior scholar appointed by State Education Commission, he ever visited Germany¡¢ the USA¡¢ and Norway in 1995¡¢1999¡¢2006 respectively. He is honored with the title ¡®outstanding teacher in oil college¡¯£¬ ¡®outstanding young teacher in Shaanxi colleges £¬ ¡®advanced individual in education field in Shaanxi Province¡¯. He is also the leader of oil and gas engineering,which is a Provincial-level key subject.He took on and finished 4 National Natural Science Foundation projects,4 National ¡®863¡¯projects,and 2 education reform projects(one was national level and the other was provincial level). He is competent in teaching and have taken charge in first-class curriculum and course construction in Xi¡¯an Shiyou University. He is now presiding over 1 National Natural Science Foundation project and other 4 Ministerial-level projects and 1 teaching project in the University. He acquired 2 provincial-level Teaching Achievement Awards, and 3 Provincial-ministerial-level Science and Technology Progress Awards . He has published two monographs, one compiled composing, and published some 50 academic papers.Because of his marked achievement, he was conferred ¡®Outstanding Young Award of Song Yueqi Technology Education Fund¡¯ and was honored with the title ¡®Outstanding teacher¡¯ in Xi¡¯an Shiyou University.