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The main feature and innovation of the course

Characte of the course:

(1) the teacher troop is strong and formed hierarchy;

(2) equipped with teaching material system, and write by self assistant learning tool;

(3) well chosen and updated the teaching content;

(4) used multimedia teaching, and multimedia courseware multitudinousness;

(5) combined with international cooperate class teaching, use Bilingualism teaching material、Bilingualism teaching;

(6) set up test question base and course web site;

(7) through opening design of Drilling engineering and other courses, equipped with course teaching system and practise segment.

The innovation:

(1) built allied teaching material system and course system;

(2) Exploited multitudinous multimedia courseware and teaching tool with independent copyright;

(3) Estiblished international cooperate class pattern.

The course's level compared to other country's same course:

(1) Compared to Petroleum Engineering in other university domestic, the teachers and the condition of practise teaching locate in the same level.

(2) For the effect of teaching, can access to the level that oil field recognized, from the information in reverse, student basic was strong、special basic was good, could quickly adapt the need of produce and technique manage, there were some one assume head man of drilling、produce dispatch and offshore installation manager. And some one was admitted to be other university graduate, and study is stand out.

(3) For the teaching organize、manage, there are strict rules and regulations, staidness officiate. The level of teaching manage is quite high.

(4) For the research of education reformation, organize teachers take part in a Petroleum Engineering develop strategy study item that exist by ministry of education; declared and completed a province-class education reformation; school-class education reformation item are many. Focus on education reformation item,organize teachers join, applied the outcome to teaching pratise, compared to other university is quite leading.

(5) Compared to other country's Petroleum Engineering, in Bilingualism teaching, we mating used other country teaching material, the level of teaching practise has little difference, mostly rest with the number of experiment table is few, opening experiment need to enforce.

The blemish of course:

the construction of the course is a permanence work,there are many work to do. The emphasized points is:

(1) The level of teachers' Bilingualism teaching need to improve;

(2) The content of quality goods course web site require to enrich, need more porcelain facture;

(3) Although collection test question base,need to realize that computer manage and apply the base;

(4) The research of education reformation、the teaching manner need to deepen;

(5) The capital need to put in ,such as inlet the new teaching material、enrich experiment equipment、construct openning experiment and so on.