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Introduction of Guo jianmin
Name Guo jianmin Sex Male Birth 1960.05
Final Qualification Master Title Associate Professor Tel 88382680
Degree Master Position Fax 88234429
Department Petroleum Engineering Institute E-mail jmguo@xsyu.edu.cn
Addr No18 Elec-2 road Xi¡¯an Shaanxi Province(710065)
Ñо¿·½Ïò Drilling and completion engineering£¬resevior protection

Main courses:

Drilling engineering £¬professional course£¬54 class hours£¬4 class hours per week£¬5 periods£¬780 persons.

Specialized basic course£¬28 class hours£¬4 class hours per week£¬4 periods£¬700 persons.

Completion engineering £¬professional course£¬28 class hours£¬6 class hours per week£¬1 periods£¬130 persons.

Lead the Production Practices£º

2006.08£¬Petroleum Engineering£¨30 persons£©£¬Changqing oil field.

Guide the Curriculum design:

Having guided 'drilling engineering Curriculum design'£¬4 periods£¬1 class per period£¬160 presons.

Guide the Graduation Design or thesis:

Having Guided 50 graduation designs or thesises of Undergraduates.

Commitment of the academic research topics£º

Study on real-time monitoring intelligent model in Abnormal Situation during drilling, Special research project of Shaanxi Provincial Office of Education.

Published academic papers£º

(1) Study on representation model of case knowledge in the drilling faul treatment, Journal of Xi¡¯an shiyou university £¨natural science edition£©, First author, 2005,1.

(2) Study on drilling fluid engineer¡¯s assistant, Journal of Xi¡¯an shiyou university £¨natural science edition£©, First author, 2005,1.

(3) the diagnosis and treatment expert system of drilling fault based on case and rule reasoning method, petroleum drilling technology, First author, 2007,1.

(4) study on multiple intelligences cooperative real-time monitoring system of drilling Fault, computer utility research, First author, 2007,1.