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Introduction of Li Qi
Name Li  Qi Sex Male Birth 1963.12
Final Qualification Post Dr. Title Prof. Tel 88382690
Degree Dr. Position Director Fax 88234429
Department Petroleum Engineering Institute E-mail liqi@xsyu.edu.cn
Addr No18 Elec-2 road Xi¡¯an Shaanxi Province(710065)
Research Drilling and Completion Projects£¬Directional Drilling and Drilling Information Technology

Main Courses£º

Drilling Engineering£¬specialized course£¬54 class hours£¬4 class hours per week£¬ 90 persons/ period.

Drilling New Technologies£¬specialized course£¬30 class hours£¬4 class hours per week£¬780 persons/5 periods.

Modern Drilling Technology£¬specialized course£¬64 class hours£¬6 class hours per week£¬ 180 person/5 periods.

Petroleum Information Application Technology£¬specialized course£¬50 class hours£¬6 class hours per week£¬100 person/5 periods.

Drilling Instrumentation£¬specialized course£¬40 class hours£¬6 class hours per week£¬ 90 persons/ periods.

Leading the Production Practices£º

2004.08£¬Petroleum Engineering£¨30 persons£©£¬Production Practices in DaQing Oilfield.

Curriculum Design Guidance£º

Guide ¡®Drilling curriculum design¡¯£¬4 periods£¬1 Class/ period£¬160 persons in total.

Graduation design/Thesis Guidance£º

Guide Graduation design/Thesis 28 person.

Teaching Research Topics£º

£¨1£©Research on personnel training of Complex patterns in Petroleum Engineering of International Cooperation, the third Shaanxi Higher Education Reform Project£¬06.06-08.03.

£¨2£© ¡®Drilling Engineering¡¯ boutique curriculum construction£¬Teaching Reform project of Xi¡¯an Shiyou University£¬05.09-07.09.

Awards Aquired:

¡®Outstanding teachers in Shaanxi¡¯s colleges¡¯ conferred by Shaanxi Education Union 08.05.

¡®Outstanding teachers¡¯ conferred by Xi¡¯an Shiyou University 09.06.

¡®Outstanding teachers¡¯ conferred by Xi¡¯an Shiyou University 09.04.

Commitment to the Academic Research Topics £º

£¨1£©Research on Theory and Method of geological drilling information simulation and collaborative decision-making£¬National Natural Science Foundation project£¬05.01-07.12£¬project manager.

£¨2£©Research on key Sub-project Manager.2.07-06.12

£¨3£©Research on Complex Structural Well Technologies and Demonstrations in Low-Ultra low permeability Oil reservoirs in YanChang Oilfeild09.09£¬Sub-topics Manager.

£¨4£©Development of Drilling and Workover Information management and engineering services System£¬CNPC project£¬04.06-07.10£¬project manager.

(5£©Research and development of Assistant supervision and quality monitoring system of Drilling Engineering, Technology risk innovative research project of CNPC Joint-stock companies,06.09-08.08£¬project manager.

Papers published£º

£¨1£©Research on Well signal transmission technology in rotary drilling£¬ACTA PETROLEI SINICA£¬Vol.28 No.4£¨EI£©£¬first author£¬2007.07.

£¨2£©Research on drilling track control theory and application technology in rotary drilling, ACTA PETROLEI SINICA£¬Vol.26 No.4£¨EI£©£¬first author£¬2005.07.

£¨3£©Research on Optimization of complex structure well on complex geological conditions£¬ACTA PETROLEI SINICA£¬Vol.25 No.4£¨EI£©£¬first author£¬2004.07.

£¨4£©Research on intelligent decision support system of drilling engineering based on database£¬ACTA PETROLEI SINICA£¬Vol.24 No.4£¨EI£©£¬first author£¬2003.07.

£¨5£©Research on information simulation of geological directional drilling£¬Natural Gas Industry £¬Vol.27 No.3£¬first author£¬2007.03.

Academic Awards£º

£¨1£©Intelligent information integration system on Oil and gas exploration£¬ Science and Technology Progress Award in Shaanxi Province, third place,2000,06.

£¨2£©Practical Calculation and Application of drilling hydraulics£¬outstanding achievements of science and technology award in Xi¡¯an Shiyou University, third place £¬2004,12.

£¨3£©Research on Optimization of complex structure well on complex geological conditions, Outstanding papers for academic journals Award in the first session of the China Petroleum Society£¬first author£¬2006,03.