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Introduction of Nie cuiping
Name Nie cuiping Sex Male Birth 1962.12
Final Qualification Master Title Associate Professor Tel 88382680
Degree master Position vice Director Fax 88234429
Department Petroleum Engineering Institute E-mail cpnie@xsyu.edu.cn
Addr No18 Elec-2 road Xi¡¯an Shaanxi Province(710065)
Research Drilling and completion engineering£¬Directional drilling

Main courses£º

Drilling engineering, Professional course£¬54 class hours,4 class hours per week£¬4 periods£¬270 persons.

Drilling engineering£¨diglossia£©£¬Professional course£¬54 class hours£¬4 class hours per week£¬1 period£¬32 persons.

Drilling and Workover machinery£¨diglossia£©,Professional course£¬50 class hours£¬4 class hours per week£¬2 periods£¬97 persons.

Professional English£¬professional course£¬28 class hours£¬2 class hours per week£¬petrolum Geology and Recovery£¬3 periods£¬360 persons.

New drilling technology£¬professional course£¬28 class hours £¬4 class hours per week£¬1 period£¬104 persons.

Leading the Production Practices£º

2005.08£¬Petroleum Engineering£¨96 persons£©£¬Changqing oil field.

2006.08£¬Petroleum Engineering£¨65 persons£©£¬Changqing oil field.

2007.08£¬Petroleum Engineering£¨64 persons£©£¬Yanchang oil field.

Curriculum design guidance£º

¡°Curriculum design of drilling engineering¡±£¬5 periods£¬1¡«5 classes per period£¬about 400 persons.

Graduation Design /thesis Guidance£º

Having Guided designs or thesises of graduation more than 40 Undergraduates.

Subject of teaching research £º

£¨1£©Presided ¡°research on Development strategy of petroleum engineering and the criterion ¡±£¬which is the reform project of the Ministry of education during 2004 and 2005.

£¨2£©Presided ¡°The study of personnel training mode for talents of international cooperation complex in Petroleum Engineering¡°£¬which is the third round of the Shaanxi Higher Education Reform Project during June ,2006 and march ,2008.

£¨3£©Presiding the build of excellent courses ¡°Drilling engineering¡±£¬which is a teaching reform project in xi¡¯an shiyou university during May,2005 and september,2009.

Commitment to the academic research topics£º

£¨1£©the study of New high-frequency electromagnetic-scale control device£¬2006.5-2008.5,Education office of Shanxi province , principal.

£¨2£©gas well Vibration cementing Research and Application£¬2007.3£­2008.9£¬Sichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau£¬principal.

£¨3£©oil and gas production technology with Electromagnetic induction heating£¬2003.1-2005.6, Education office of Shanxi province£¬main researcher.

£¨4£©the evaluation on the developed stage production engineering technique for banqiao condensated gas field £¬2002.5-2003.6, China National Petroleum Corp£¬main reseacher.

£¨5£©electromagnetic simulation test on oil Production, 2004.7-2005.12£¬Education office of Shanxi province£¬main reseacher.

Published academic papers£º

£¨1£©Several theching reform thoughts to Petroleum Engineering English£¬China¡¯s Education £¬2005.11£¬No.1

£¨2£©The Exploration and understanding of bilingual teaching in Petroleum Engineering£¬oil education£¬2006.4, No.1

£¨3£©The applied research of high-frequency electromagnetic induction technology in clearing and preventing scale,construction of petroleum engineering , 2007.10, No.1

£¨4£©study and application of techniques for gas recovery by liquid drainage in banqiao condessate oil/gas field£¬Gas industry£¬2005.6, No.1

£¨5£©Reservoir heating oil recovery technology by electromagnetic induction with three-phase 60 Hz AC£¬Journal of Shaanxi Normal University£¬2006.9, No.1

Recognition of academic research and awards:

£¨1£©the study on shale stability of wellbore for deep well and the Research on Reservoir Protection Technology for multiple system£¬ Science and Technology Award in Shaanxi Province£¬Third Class,2004.03

£¨2£©special stimulation technology of oil and gas field£¬Science and Technology Award in shaanxi province£¬second class£¬No.8£¬2003.03

£¨3£©down-well three-phase power frequency Electromagnetic Induction Heater, patent ZL 2003 2 0109785.3£¬NO.2

£¨4£©down-well three-phase power frequency Electromagnetic Induction device£¬patent ZL 2003 2 0109786.8, No.1