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Introduction of Yang Zhengjie
Name Yang zhengjie Sex Male Birth 1958.06
Final qualification Post doctor Title professor Tel 88382690
Degree post doctor Position Fax 88234429
Department Petroleum Engineering Institute E-mail zjyang@xsyu.edu.cn
Addr Electron -2 Road on the 18th Xi¡¯an shanXi province (710065)
Research Drilling engineering theory and technology £¬oilfield chemistry

Main course£º

Petrolum specialized English£¬professional course£¬28 class hours£¬2 class hours per week£¬3 periods£¬168 persons.

Technological Principle of drilling fluid£¬professional course£¬28 class hours£¬6 class hours class hours per week£¬3 periods£¬240 persons.

Technological Principle of drilling fluid£¨International engineering classes, diglossia£©£¬professional course£¬40 class hours£¬4 class hours class hours per week£¬2 periods£¬130 persons.

Guide the Graduation Design or thesis:

Having Guided 76 graduation designs or thesises of Undergraduates.

Commitment of the academic research topics£º

£¨1£©the regulation technology of flow pattern for drilling fluid in Special process well£¬The Central Plains Oil Field£¬2003-2004£¬project manager.

£¨2£©study on efficent sealing channeling and plugging in thermal recovery well£¬Xinjiang oilfield£¬2003-2004£¬subject manager.

£¨3£©study on efficent sealing channeling and plugging in thermal recovery well£¬Xinjiang oilfield£¬2005-2006£¬sub-subject manager.

£¨4£©the study of strengthening mechanism of the bond strength in the cementing interface £¬China Petroleum Chemical Research Institute£¬2004-2006£¬project manager.

£¨5£©The Studies on influence mechanismo of Water-flooded Zone on the cement bond quality and corresponding Control Technique£¬The Central Plains Oil Field£¬2005-2006£¬project manager.

Published academic papers £º

[1]Yang zhengjie ,Luo pingya,Yan peiyu. Study on the enhancement mechanism of the interface cementing strength of YLD-1 oil/water well plugging agent£¬Petroleum Journal of Xi¡¯an shiyou university£¬2004,19£¨3£©:55-62

[2] Yang zhengjie,Li jiafen,Su changming. The Status Quo of Researches on Bonding Interface of Well Cementing. Petroleum drilling technology.2005£¬33£¨6£©£º1-3

[3] Yang zhengjie£¬Chen daoyuan ,Shi fengqi.Effects of the properties of drilling fluid on cementing quality of water-flooded zone. drilling and completion fluids,2007.24(3):35-38

[4] Yang zhengjie. study on efficent sealing channeling and plugging in thermal recovery well. Journal of Xi¡¯an shiyou university,2006.21£¨4£©£º52-57

[5] Yang zhengjie. Study on the Microstructure of Bonding Interface and Reinforcement Mechanism of Interfacial Bonding Strength. Doctoral Dissertation of Southwest petroleum institute£¬2002.

Recognition of academic research and awards:

Gear oil combination and it¡¯s preparation of Reducer Casing of Pumping Units£¬invention patent£ºpatent number 02110133.7.