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Introduction of Zhangningsheng
Name Zhang ningsheng Sex Male Birth 1951.03
Final qualification Post Dr. Title Prof. Tel 88382680
Degree Post Dr. Position president Fax 88234429
Department Petroleum Engineering Institute E-mail nszhang@xsyu.edu.cn
Addr E-2 Road on the 18th Xi¡¯an shaanxi province (710065)
Research Oil drilling and production engineering and environmental resources protection

Main courses£º

Drilling Engineering£¬professional course£¬80 class hour£¬6 class hour/week£¬2 periods£¬100 person.

An Introduction to the oil industry£¬professional course£¬28 class hour£¬2 class hour/week£¬2 periods£¬330 person.

Protection reservoir technology£¬professional course£¬40 class hour£¬4 class hour/week£¬1 periods£¬90 person.

New technologies of Oil and gas field development£¬professional course£¬40 class hour£¬4 class hour/week£¬5 periods£¬80 person.

Graduate design/paper guidance£º

Guide 10 graduation designs or thesises of Undergraduates£¬13 of postgraduate£¬2 of doctoral students.

Teaching Research Thesises£º

£¨1£©Construction of the outstanding characteristics of high-level multidisciplinary teaching and research university£¬Oil Education£¬first author£¬2004.04.

£¨2£©Discipline Construction of Teaching and Research University£¬Degree and Postgraduate Education£¬first author£¬2004.12.

£¨3£©Rational Thinking of Subject Construction of the Colleges and universities£¬Journal of Shaanxi Normal University£¨Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition£©£¬first author£¬2005.

£¨4£©Rational Thinking of Subject Construction£¬Oil Education£¬first author£¬2005.01.

£¨5£©Characteristics development: A Natural Choice for Building a Prestigious University£¬Journal of Xi'an Petroleum University£¨Social Sciences Edition£©£¬first author£¬2005.02.

£¨6£©Take The Road Of Independent Innovation With Integration Of Industry, Learning and Research£¬Chinese Oil Companies£¬first author£¬2006.

Commitment to the academic research topics:

£¨1£©Researth On Integration Of Information Theory And Method Of Oil and Gas Reservoir Damage£¬National Natural Science Fund Projects£¬03.01-05.12£¬Project Manager.

£¨2£©Integration Research And Demonstration Projects Of Heavy oil Sewage Treatment And Recycling Technology£¬National "ten-five" Science And Technology Research Projects Extension£¬04.09-05.12£¬Project Manager.

£¨3£©low permeability oil - ultra-low-permeability complex structure Well mining technology research and demonstration in yanchang oil region£¬National scientific and technological support projects£¬07.08-09.09£¬Project Manager.

£¨4£©2 Billion Cubic Metre Natural Gas Stable Production Technology In The Southern District Of Yulin£¬Changqing Oil Field Corp¡¯s Project£¬06.07-08.12£¬Project Manager.

£¨5£©Study On Seepage Of Ultra-Low Permeability Reservoir£¬Changqing Oil Field Corp¡¯s Project£¬05.07-07.12£¬Project Manager.

Published Academic Papers£º

£¨1£©Rock types of mixosedimentite reservoirs and oil-gas distribution in Nanyishan of Qaidam Basin£¬Acta Petrolei Sinica£¬first author£¬2006.01.

£¨2£©Key production technologies of low-permeability gas reservoir and their development trend£¬periodical of gas£¬first author£¬2006.12.

£¨3£©Data fusion technique for discernment and diagnosis of formation damage£¬Acta Petrolei Sinica£¬second author£¬2006.06.

£¨4£© Data mining system for drilling mechanical failure diagnosis based on neural network£¬Acta Petrolei Sinica£¬second author£¬2006.01.

£¨5£©Study on Formation and Stability of Colloidal Liquid Aphrons£¬Acta of Chemistry£¬second author£¬2006.01.

Recognition of academic research / awards£º

£¨1£©The integrated treatment of sewage and anti-corrosion technology in gas field£¬First prize of science and technology award of Shaanxi Province£¬No. 1£¬2008£¬03.

£¨2£©Flocculant and enhance efficient production sewage treatment technology research£¬Second prize in scientific and technological progress award of Shaanxi Province£¬No. 1£¬2004,03.

£¨3£©Wireless Transmission and Wired Access Network Drilling Database Management System£¬China National Petroleum Corporation Technology Innovation Award£¬Second prize£¬No. 2£¬2005,04.

£¨4£©Ultra-high temperature and high pressure gas reservoir protection technology in the exploration and development in the reservoir in Tarim£¬Second Prize in Science and Technology Award of University in Shaanxi£¬No. 1£¬2005,06.

£¨5£©The integrated treatment of sewage containing oil and methanol Technology in gas field in northern Shaanxi£¬First prize in Science and Technology Progress award of Environmental Protection of Shaanxi Province£¬No. 1£¬2007£¬03.